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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

MGMT vs. Daft Punk on Pretty Much Amazing blog

I was unsure if MGMT were too much cheese pop or really worth playing out but recently I have begun to love them more. I think they are starting to have that effect that Scissor Sisters had in the summer of '04 where all of a sudden their tracks were like magic. Anyway, this is a well done fun mashup of MGMT Time to Pretend with Daft Punk's One More Time (yes that one) that works.

One More Time to Pretend (Immuzikation Remix) on Pretty Much Amazing blog

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The Lemur said...

Hi! It's The Lemur over @ The Lemur Blog http://thelemurblog.blogspot.com/
Sunday July 27 is my birthday and I'm reaching out with this mass-created message to all 100-something blogs in my blogroll asking them to send me a nice birthday track! I would like a track to thelemurblog@hotmail.com by Sunday, when I will be posting all tracks in a nice mix - of course linking to the blogs by their respective tracks! Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely, The Lemur

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