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Monday, 30 June 2008

I get sent a lot of stuff from record labels but a lot of it is not good enough to get special mention. I got sent this lovely little remix and though I had put a Pacific track in my dj set a few times I never really paid it enough attention. Now listening to the original and some of the remixes I realize this is really beautiful great music. As the record label describes them "They're kinda like a French disco Beach Boys or ELO. A little like Phoenix."

Simon Lord from Simian and Black Ghosts remixed this song, under his Lord Skywave name. The album, 'Reveries', is out on Half Machine Records on 11th August, with the 12" and download of 'Sunset Blvd' out a week before. Lord Skywave's debut album is out now on This Is Music. myspace.com/lordskywave for more details.

Pacific - Sunset Boulevard (Lord Skywave mix) (megaupload)

I would also HIGHLY recommend this Touch remix of Sunset Boulevard on the Largehearted Boy blog.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Queen Samantha - Take A Chance on Boum Boum Tchi blog

I had not listened to this track for maybe 5 years. I just happened to remember I had loved it back in the NY disco days and so I popped it in my bag on Friday night for our new secret disco party. I played it at the very end and it was sooooo good!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Starski & Clutch jit on Happy Birthday Berlin blog

I just don't post if I'm not excited about anything and I haven't heard anything in the last few days that gets me. But this Jit is excellent. Sometimes I find jit/booty a bit boring but this mix is excellent and it is split out into tracks you can dj. I like track 4 best, so I let you sample here. The Happy Birthday Blog is generally excellent. You should also cop the bounce track from Bryan Cox.

Starski & Clutch jit mix on Happy Birthday Berlin blog

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Duke Dumont - Hoy and Fake Blood - Mars on Find Voltorb blog

Been waiting with drippy jaws for this Hoy track by Duke Dumont. It's very good but now that I listen to the other tracks on this post, I think I prefer the Fake Blood -Mars track. But so us the Proxy track good. Check em out.

Fake Blood - Mars on Find Voltorb Catch Voltorb blog

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