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Monday, 28 July 2008

Hot Chip remixes Pharcyde on Yermam blog

Ok so the cycles march on and the Yerman blog is showing it. Here is what I noticed.

In 1996 we had a big 60's swing and fancy dress scene in New York. in 2004 it hits back big time in London with the whole burlesque, etc. scene. in 1997/98 there was a huge disco wave in New York that lasted (which was followed by about a year by an accompanying disco house scene) through to about 2001 before electroclash hit big time. There were disco parties all over Shoreditch, at Mother bar, Plastic People, etc. Spring/summer 2008 disco is everywhere again. I predict by the fall, maybe early next year, the late 90s house and disco house will be swinging back. French touch stuff is already getting love.

And now there are some whispers of 90s hip hop/rnb parties coming out. I thought that stuff would not come back for a while, but check out these great rnb-ish remixes by Hot Chip. I love the Pharcyde track as well as the Brand New Heavies, but I'm not sure how they sound to someone who doesn't know the original track. Check out also the Firefly disco-funk track. Excellent.

Hot Chip/Pharcyde/Firefly/Brand New Heavies on Yermam blog

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