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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Change - The End on Beat Electric

Dan Beaumont who is the jewel in the 2008 London disco wave (he just played Ponystep party last weekend and has his Disco Bloodbath party) pointed me in the direction of this fantastic live disco mix made in the Trocadero club in San Francisco in 1980 by Bobby Viteritti. A couple of tracks are standout but especially the first one kind of spacey and more like the new stuff being done by Aeroplane. Apparently "Change - The End" was huge but I for some reason never heard it before, so it's my selection today. FYI - the Aeroplane remix of Circuits by David Rubato is the HOTTEST thing right now - amazing disco sound. But I can't post it cause I only link to other blogs and no one has put it up yet.

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