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Monday, 7 April 2008

Tek Box - Move Your Hips on One Day Later blog

Sort of in the same vein as Chromeo, I somehow missed this when it came out last summer. This is excellent 80s synth funk redone by current (Uk?) residents Tek Box. You can also find more tracks to listen on Bibabidi here. The One Day Later blogger must have an ear similar to mine because he's also posted more recently a bunch of early 80s electro funk that is amazing. Check out the Jerome Prister.
I am also djing at Durrr tonight where I will be recording a podcast. You should come down to see it happen :)



swedish people slaglemalskclubben!
may we get the guest list! can we? that would be awesome (sorry broke.. i know so boring)


btw that was totally drunk blogging...ignore me
have a laugh!

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