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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

New Bands: PDF Format/Fan Death/DVAR

I don't generally find much relatively good music out of the blue without it being blogged by others first. But increasingly a lot of bands are sending me their music. And today I happened to find three really good ones all in one day.

PDf Format looks like it's out of Toronto and it's 8-bit computer songs that are really good. I love this sound, but sometimes the music is busy and soul-less. These songs are really well done covers, though I'm not sure if the guy's original work is as good.

Download some tracks on Said the Gramophone.

Fan Death is probably the most well done/commercially likable of the 3 bands on this post. They sound like they are in the vein of older Metro Area and some of the new stuff being put out by Glass Candy. Very nice, particularly on Veronica's Veil, though I think the quite good technical skills need to include a few more slightly more original, maybe even wonky, songwriting ideas, maybe on the vocal side. You can download tracks on their myspace.

DVAR is probably the oddest and most interesting of the three. Some band out of Russia and I so I can't read much about them, their songs sound sort of like goth synths/vocals mixed with dancehall sort of beats and supposedly they sing in their own made up language. I quite like it and fresh to see someone doing something new of sorts. I've put up one track for you.

Download their latest cd below. For those who are more technically inclined on extracting files, the first part has all the songs but a little tiny bit of the last one.

Part 1

Part 2


01 - Vah Raii Uvah
02 - Zag'zagah
03 - Miaahu Piaahu
04 - Naa
05 - Greih
06 - Yo-Or
07 - Zhaka Taka
08 - Habi Tabi
09 - Yoffi!
10 - Maaqwai
11 - Ko Ki Ki
12 - Taana Havaynah

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