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Friday, 14 March 2008

Dj Dú Marcel - Speed Total Vol.1 on Kizomba Zouk blog

I know there are enough of you out there that recognize that there are some freaky unusual dance things being done in the portugal/african axis. Buraka Som Sistema for one (playing next week in London) and this random cd I found with some amazing tracks on it. I let you listen to this one below before you download the whole album on the link below. And if you are in London, I am djing this kind of stuff with Radioclit and ISA GT at Notting Hill Arts Club tonight.

DJ Du Marcel - Speed Total Vol. 1 on Kizomba Zouk blog

And shout out to a few friends much more charismatic than I who have started blogs to stake their place in the virtual world.

David Piper - Lovaganda blog

Benjamin Moreau - Monsieur Moru

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